Veracity Medical Solutions was founded in 2007 with a simple, but powerful, philosophy: truthfulness, exactness, and accuracy. These three words were the backbone of the Veracity Medical Solutions brand for 11 years.

When Arcamed acquired Veracity Medical Solutions in 2018, it was clear that the foundation had been laid for a powerful brand. With that in mind, we wanted to develop a brand that fully encapsulated the Veracity Medical Mission, Vision, and Values.

Here is how we accomplished this:

Veracity Before After

The most important part of Veracity Medical is the people who work here. We knew that to properly represent the Veracity Medical brand, we had to properly represent the people.

Our Vision is to be an extension of our customers, focused on consistently producing quality products on time.

Our Mission is to manufacture quality medical devices accurately, efficiently, and in a timely manner, utilizing innovative processes.

To achieve our Mission and Vision Statements, we live and work by a set of values:

Value: Knowledge, Experience, Customer Focused
Excellence: Improve, Innovate, Communicate
Reliability: Delivering consistently on what we say
Attitude: We can
Commitment: Dedicated Partner
Integrity: Respectful, Timely, Honest
Teamwork: Working together as one
You: You are where it starts

As we continue to grow together, we vow to honor these values as our promise to you. We look forward to being your trusted partner for years to come.